One Day In The Life of Ivan & Denis


A novel about Eastern European geopolitics, a couple of homeless old drunks with a penchant for saving the world, and the stories we tell ourselves just to get through the day.


Current status: 1st draft of the manuscript complete. Work to begin on the 2nd draft soon. In the meantime, please enjoy the short excerpt below.



“I’m getting the strangest feeling today, Ivan.”

“What’s that, Denis?”

“I feel as though our story is occasionally getting hijacked by an external party.”

“You mean like sometimes when someone like Yahn or Katarina or Olga suddenly show up and take the focus off us for a while?”

“No, that would be understandable. We meet these people over the course of our adventure, so it’s only natural that they become the narrative focus, at least momentarily.  No…what I’m talking about is far worse.” Here Denis glanced around conspiratorially. “It feels like a narrator is trying to insert himself into our story.”

Ivan immediately stiffened and looked about wildly, as if trying to catch sight of an invisible mosquito, buzzing around his head.

“A narrator,” he spat with deep disgust. “Well, really, Denis – if you’re right that might just be the worst enemy we face today. A fucking narrator, trying to muscle his way into our adventure. Bad story-telling, is what it is.”

“Truly,” agreed Denis. “Unoriginal,” he added, after a brief moment of consideration.

“Unreliable,” said Ivan.

Denis nodded. “That too. What are we to do about it, though?”

Ivan glared around once more at the invisible mosquito, then squared his shoulders and fixed a look of grim determination to his face.

(At least, he tried to. Denis never had the heart to tell Ivan that particular expression always looked more grimly constipated than grimly determined.)

“What else can we do, Denis, but forge on ahead regardless? Little Green Men are on the loose. We have a city to save and we can’t let something as self-indulgently ridiculous as a mouthy narrator distract us.”

“Right you are, Ivan.”

“Right I am, Denis.”