Modern Life (or Some People Really Shouldn't Follow Their Dreams)

Once upon a time, there was a boy who kept sheep safe from wolves.
A shepherd, if you need to label things.
Of course, there was a lot more to his job than that - in fact, no sheep had been killed by a wolf in those parts since the old Mayor had been a boy. Still, that was the way the young shepherd thought of his job.
He dreamed of being a hero. He wanted the people in the village to tell stories about him, and he wanted the girls wearing the sweet-smelling crowns of spring flowers to notice him.

"Wolf, wolf!" he cried one day.

The whole village rushed to the hills to help. They had pooled all their sheep together in a common flock for ease of trade and commerce. It sounds like some sort of socialist nonsense, if you ask me, but I suppose we must all be accepting of how they do things in foreign parts...


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